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The smart storage system for VMI

The i.drawer 4.0 impresses with its intuitive handling, one touch of the personal badge and the user has access to the drawer cabinet's range, all around the clock.

The large screen directly displays the items removed, piece by piece. By entering the cost centers on the large touch screen, the i.drawer 4.0 can also query the account to be debited from the user. This information is available at the ERP interface and helps to digitize administrative and manual processes in companies.

Voices from the market:

«We have been looking for this solution for a long time, an intuitive, compact output system that takes the pressure off our employees. Manual bookings are finally a thing of the past.»

i.dawer 4.0 in use in the industry

i.dawer 4.0 in use in the industry

Quick overview of all articles

Quick overview of all articles

Large screen for entering cost centers

Large screen for entering cost centers

i.drawer 4.0

The new i.drawer 4.0 has a modern design and a number of new features. The large touchscreen can be used to enter the cost center, customer order, project or patient number, moreover additional information about the product can also be called up on the screen. For example, data sheets or instructions for use via video can help the user to use the product correctly.

Using the optional LTE-modem, data can also be exchanged independently of inaccessible networks, so that information on stock and withdrawals is available in real time in the cloud to support your stock management.

i.drawer 4.0
i.drawer 4.0

i.drawer 4.0 with 10.1'' screen, RFID-reader, LTE-modem and more than 240 integrated scales

Advantages of i.drawer 4.0

The benefits of i.drawer 4.0 for users are as varied as they are individual:

  • Intuitive handling
  • Elimination of check-in and check-out processes, withdrawals and returns are registered automatically
  • Accurate allocation of goods withdrawals to individuals
  • 24/7 availability and security of supply
  • Fully automatic reordering
  • Reduces stock levels by up to 50% compared to Kanban shelves
  • Automatic stocktaking
  • Reduces consumption and increases productivity
  • Cloud application with automated reporting