Access controlled cabinet with full reporting on each stock activity.




The new revolutionary i.cupboard allows you to manage all the parts you want to keep control off.

With i.cupoard, you can store and manage up to 96 articles per cabinet, providing you accurate data for each user.

Get a full report showing each activity per user and analyze the material flow history for each item.

Orders are generated fully automatically to avoid expensive stock shortages.



Unlock the door through your RFID card   Pick out desired goods   Lock the door... your pick is monitored




How does it work?



Each steel cabinet is equiped with a multi reader, able to read most types of RFID cards available on the market.

Each material type you want to store inside the e-cupboard is placed on a scale.

The goods are constantly weighed in order for you to have real time stock values.

You can choose out of 4 different types of shelves.


4 X 20Kg shelf
6 X 8kg shelf
8 X 8Kg shelf
1 X 80Kg shelf


The measured data is collected by the integrated computer, which transmits your data to a server via LAN or GSM connection.

You can view the full history of the stock outtakes, stock replenishment by material type and this for each user!