DIGI SENS created with e-nventory a system that makes possible a complete and continuous monitoring of stock. E-nventory is built around a family of scales with integrated ID-System, of various sizes and maximum loads for continuous determination in real-time of the quantities of all stock items.

The information on stock status (e.g. the number of parts) and storage location are transmitted via a bus to a central processor, which in turns sends them to the Internet.

The stock data can thus be accessed by external work-stations (suppliers, logistic firms, customers, etc.). The stock data can be both integrated into the existing stock management software and used separately in parallel.

The advantages of e-nventory for the customer are many and varied:

  • Elimination of goods inwards and outwards procedures

  • Automatic inventory at all times

  • No loss of productivity or delays due to missing parts

  • Automatic purchasing

  • Possibility of controlling the stock by an external supplier or server provider.


The resulting cost savings are considerable. If you would like to know more, contact our e-nventory website.