The MEOUT is an operating terminal for the METIRON measuring computer. The backlight display shows the operating status and measured values. The keyboard can be used to enter data and gives full access to the METIRON's user menu. The compact casing can be used even in limited spaces. Thanks to its robust construction, knocks and vibration that may occur in an industrial environment present no problem for the MEOUT.

Communication and power supply are combined in a single cable that can be up to 1000m long. Thus the METIRON measuring computer with its many cable connections to the measuring sensors can be installed in a position that keeps the cables short.

For calibrated applications, the MEOUT must be operated in combination with a METERM or a MESTORE, as only these devices provide a CF card drive.

In case several operator terminals are needed, several MEOUTs can be connected to the same bus.


  • compact, robust aluminium casing
  • splash water proof
  • membrane keyboard
  • backlight LCD display
  • glare-free illumination for reliable use in driver cabine and industrial environment
  • simple cable system: one single cable to the measuring computer for power and communication
  • buzzer signal for operation status and warnings
  • EMC tested in accordance with EN61326-1, EN61000-3-2&3
  • OIML approval for calibratable measuring systems


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