Communication and power supply are together in only one 100m cable. This and the practical magnetic attachment ensure a very easy installation. The METIRON-computer, with its numerous cable connections to the sensors can be installed at a place where cable-paths stay short. If a printer is used, it can be directly connected to the METERM.

LEDs indicate if the weighing was successful and if the communication and the CF-card are active.

An integrated buzzer signals any problem which demands the user's attention.

If additional terminals to the METERM are required, MEOUT types can be connected with the same bus wire. These include a display and keyboard.




  • Compact and robust aluminum housing
  • Film-keyboard
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Dazzle-free optics for a secure use in vehicles and industrial environment
  • Fitting with magnetic attachment
  • CF-cards-mass-memory with 2GB storage capacity
  • Fast, easy and secure transport with of dates with the CF-card
  • Easy connection: Only one cable to the computer for power supply and communication
  • Printer connection
  • 4 LEDs and a buzzer to indicate operating conditions and alarms
  • EMC approval acc. to EN61326-1, EN61000-3- 2&3, Grange CCG001/B CIML-conform for calibrated measurement systems
For more details read our data sheet: S012E-03_METERM.pdf


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