The METIRON is used for the analysis and processing of measuring data from DIGISENS transducers. It was developed for real time applications for complex measurement problems and process control. With its different digital and serial input and output ports it can be built into many different applications. Together with the METERM – the separate terminal and storage unit – it forms the perfect interface between the transducers and the user. Thanks to the separation of the main computer and the terminal the METIRON can be used as a simple data collector in a customer system or together with the METERM – form a stand-alone solution. The rugged construction and the weather-proof housing leave a free choice for outdoor installations, on vehicles or in an industrial environment.




The METIRON forms the central computer unit of the digital measuring system. It has 8 inputs for oscillating wire measuring cells with ED 21 interface. Via the built-in EEPROM the cells communicate to the computer the way in which the measuring results have to be conditioned. This means that cells and computer are fully interchangeable. The METIRON is able to carry out up to 100 measurements per second in realtime for every cell, and to process the measuring data of every individual cell - e.g. load or acceleration cells – into accelerationcompensated measuring data. The measuring data can be transferred via one of the different interfaces to a host computer. RFID-units for identifying the objects to be measured can also be connected to the METIRON directly. By the separation of the computer (with all cables) and the terminal the METIRON can be placed at the ideal position to minimize the cabling complexity. The terminal METERM/MEOUT which is connected only by one thin cable needs only little space and can be placed in an ergonomic location.



  • Up to 100 real time measurements per second for each measuring cell
  • Resolution up to 1 ppm
  • (Optional) separated terminal (display, key-board, CF-card) for the installation in a vehicle cabin or the office ( up to 500 m distance)
  • Up to 4 serial interfaces (RS- 232/422/485) and CAN-bus
  • Up to 8 digital inputs (4 galv. isolated)
  • Up to 8 digital inputs (4 galv. isolated)
  • Certified according to OIML
  • EMC tested according to EN61326-1, EN61000-3-2&3, Grange CCG001/B
  • CE-conformity
  • E-type-approval
  • Weatherproof stainless steel housing with integrated vibration absorbers
For more details read our data sheet S011E-07_METIRON.pdf


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