Surveying any liquids, powder or items in industrial machines or processes.


The PW 200x100 is using DIGI SENS vibrating wire technology instead of a strain gauge.

This technology offers a high resolution. The long-term stability is very good, even under load, since no organic material is involved in the measurement chain. Another benefit is that creeping and other similar effects are reduced to the minimum.

The PW 200x100 delivers a 5V-TTL frequency signal, proportional to the measured load. The frequency is a square root function of the displacement. In most applications it can be considered linear.

A temperature sensor is also integrated in the PW200x100, providing a frequency proportional to the temperature.

This frequency signals are easy to transmit, immune to perturbations and can be treated directly by any processor.

The load can then be accessed over a serial communication line.


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