Measuring principle

The gravitational acceleration is measured by two silicon differential capacitors. The middle plate of each capacitor forms the seismic mass.

The suspension of the capacitor plates ensures a pure vectorial measurement, i.e. a complete separation of the tilt measurement in the X- and Y-axes. The signals are converted electronically, to give the tilt angles as a 5V TTL frequency output signal. An internal temperature measurement allows a mathematical temperature correction of both zero and gain. The BJ inclinometer covers a measuring range of ± 10% (± 5.7°) inclination from the horizontal. The resolution is 0.01°.

Signal processing

 The BJ inclinometer is designed for connection to one of the DIGI SENS processors. These are capable of mathematically compensating the weighing results from the load cells, as a function of the measured inclination.The data specific to the inclinometer are stored on a built-in memory chip. No adjustment whatsoever is required on commissioning or when replacing an inclinometer.


Measurement and mathematical compensation of tilt when weighing on uneven ground, e.g.:

  • On-board weighing systems in lorries
  • Portable scales
  • Scales mounted on any means of transport

  • Twin channel (separate for rotation about X- and Y-axes)
  • Contains no liquid electrolyte
  • Robust und shock-resistant
  • High signal stability
  • Robust, watertight housing IP 68
For more details read our data sheet


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