Monobloc Load Cell Type SO (1,500kg-10,000kg)

 Measuring principle

As in all DIGI SENS products, an oscillating-wire sensor is used to convert force into an electrical signal. This patented element is able to generate directly a digital output signal, which brings big advantages in accuracy, immunity to interference and electronic signal processing.


Mechanical construction


Type SO load cells consist of a guide plate of high-tensile, stainless steel and the KS oscillating-wire transducer.

The purpose of the guide plate is to allow scales to be built with only one cell, where otherwise three or more transducers would be needed. Torsion forces due to eccentrically applied loads are filtered out and complicated bearing pad constructions, designed to prevent stresses, become superfluous.

The above load cells are designed for nominal loads from 1,500 kg to 10,000 kg. There is a great flexibility of installation.

Signal processing

The data specific to each of the load cells are stored in a built-in memory. No adjustment whatsoever is necessary on commissioning or when a load cell is replaced. A 5V TTL output signal is available. For interpretation and further processing of the signal, or for setting up a complete measuring system, a DIGI SENS ELEIRO computer is to be recommended. It is designed for up to eight load cells and can combine the measured values from the different cells in real-time. This computer can also take on complete control or regulation functions and communicate with other systems.



Determining loads, weights, forces in applications such as:

  • Lorry superstructure scales
  • Tank weighing systems
  • Mixing scales
  • Catch-weighing systems for refuse-collection vehicles
  • Platform scales
  • Elevating platform scales
  • Elevating platform scales
  • Continuous flow scales
  • Forklift truck scales
  • Integral electronics
  • Force-actuated monobloc stainless steel load cells
  •   Robust, industrial execution (IP 68)
  • High precision and immunity to interference
  • Integrated calibration memory
  • 5V TTL frequency output signal (Calibration capability, tested according to OIML R60, N max. 3000)


  • Small transverse sensitivity


For more details read our data sheet  S006E-08_Load_Cell_SO.pdf


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