Balances in the stores

e-nventory┬« consists basically of weighing balances, notable for their long-term stability and low price.



Built-in strength

Every article is stored in a place equipped with a balance.

Today DIGI SENS offers the following built-in balances:

  • Shelves
  • Pallets
  • Sheet metal and steel rod stores
  • Catering and restaurant solutions
  • Silo and tank weighing







Practical, indispensable systems, which are being continuously optimised by our development team.


Collect information and make it available

All stores locations transmit their stock levels continuously to a server, which sends them to your ERP- or PPS-system via a secure encrypted interface.




Complete system quick to install

e-nventory® is a complete system that can be implemented very quickly.

Immediately after installation you see the stock levels on the web interface.