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e-nventory® Euro-Pallet 500Kg/1000Kg

The e-nventory® Euro-pallet scale 500Kg/1000Kg is identical to the dimensions of a standard Euro-pallet or half a Euro-pallet and integrates 1 scale for a weight of up to 1000Kg (500Kg for half a Euro-pallet). The construction allows to place the goods together with Euro-pallets directly on the frame. The e-nventory® Euro-Pallet scale is used for stock management in industrial environments as well as in the food sector or in hospitals.

e-nventory® Euro-Pallet 500Kg/1000Kg
e-nventory® Euro-Pallet 500Kg/1000Kg

Key features

  • Digital load cell technology

  • designed for use in industrial environments

  • High resolution

  • Very good long-term stability


e-nventory® logistics solutions for industrial warehouse management as well as in the food sector or in hospitals.

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