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The WIM-ITOS measure the load of axles and wheels to determine the vehicle gross weight on the move and helps to detect overloaded vehicles to conserve traffic infrastructure like roads and bridges in order to increase the overall traffic safety.


Key features

  • Road integrated high-speed WIM solution

  • Gross weight measurement from 0km/h up to 80km/h

  • Weight distribution for all axles as well as left / right distribution

  • Driving direction indication

  • Tire inflation surveillance

  • Speeding monitor

  • Modular scales system for all kind of road width

  • Easy installation

  • Reliable live data

  • Low maintenance cost


direct weight enforcement, Pre-selection of overweight vehicles, toll by weight, statistical weight collection, Vehicle monitoring for trucks, cars and motorbikes, Road and bridges maintenance estimation


S061E-02_ITOS Scale