SNC load cell (1500 and 7500Kg)


As market leader in dynamic weighing application for Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCV) Digi Sens continuously extend its range with new products functionality. The latest development is the SNC load cell range with a version up to 1500 Kg load and a version for up to 7500 Kg.

Those two new load cells have been designed for non-trade application for statistical analysis and come with a very attractive price compared to certified load cells.
The SNC 1500Kg and 7500 Kg load cells completes the already vast product range of legal trade load cells of Digi Sens and introduces several technical improvements by remaining the same proven technology of the oscillating wire.


The new SNC load cells allow a cost effective integration of weighing application on Refuse Collection Vehicles. In conjunction with the CAN Multiplexer or ELEIRO weighing computer up to 10 load cells can be connected:

  • to reject overloaded bins
  • to monitor flow of material to optimize routes
  • for statistical evaluations


The new SNC load cells are fully compatible with our very well-known SO load cell product family. The foot print of the mechanical mountings and the electrical connection as well are identical to the SO range and compatible with the new ELEIRO weighing computer.

At any time a SNC load cell system can be upgraded with one of our SO load cell series to become a certified system according to OIML R51 standard. This allow the end user to gather first experiences with weighing application by protecting his investment when upgraded to a certified system.

Proven technology

The SNC product range as well as all load cells from Digi Sens are based on the proven and very accurate oscillating wire technology which are very known for their robustness in rough environment. Since more than 25 years the products of Digi Sens drives the market of dynamic weighing systems for Refuse Collection Vehicles.

Signal processing

The data specific to each of the load cells are stored in a built-in memory. No adjustment whatsoever is necessary on commissioning or when a load cell is replaced.

A 5V TTL output signal is available. For interpretation and further processing of the signal, or for setting up a complete measuring system, a Digi Sens ELEIRO computer is to be recommended. It is designed for up to ten load cells and can combine the measured values from the different cells in real-time. This computer can also take on complete control or regulation functions and communicate with other systems.

For more information please refer to the following datasheet: S066_02_Load_Cell_SNC.pdf

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