e-nventory® is an stock monitoring system that uses weighing scales to continuously transmit the status of all storage places to a server. These data are available to you via a securely encoded interface for your ERP or WMS system.

The information about inventory status (number of items) is passed via a bus system to a central controller that in turn passes it on to the cloud application.

The files can equally well be integrated into the existing inventory management software or used in parallel. As well as internal use, inventory status data can be passed on to selected suppliers, logistics service providers and customers.

For DIGI SENS Sens customers, the benefits of e-nventory® are as versatile as they are individual:

  • booking-in and booking-out processes are no longer necessary
  • automatic inventory at any time
  • no loss of productivity, no delays due to missing parts
  • automated purchasing
  • possibility of external warehousing management by suppliers or service providers
  • lower logistics costs
  • better customer retention
  • more supply reliability, less tied-up capital

Equip your warehouse with e-nventory® and enjoy:

  • more efficiency in self-service storage facilities thanks to removal/refilling without scanning or booking
  • more transparency in central and decentral stores, as stock inventories are always accurate and up-to-date
  • more reliability, since no booking errors accumulate

Up-to-date inventory status enhances your production, simplifies your purchasing processes and supports your finance department.





Reduces tied capital

Our experience has shown us that when e-nventory® is introduced, warehouse stocks can be reduced by 50% or even by as much as 75%, without any loss of supply reliability. This is due to the good flow of information and the clearer distinction between "shelf-huggers" and fast movers.

Avoids missing parts

Stock management methods based on booking have the disadvantage that errors accumulate until the next inventory takes place. In order to avoid missing parts and the consequent production downtimes, over-stocking is the only answer. With e-nventory® this anxiety situation can be avoided. More transparency means greater reliability.

Supports management of decentral storage

The e-nventory® system is ideal for decentral warehouses, because:

  • it records stock status fully automatically
  • it monitors dispatches of items from the stores
  • it gives you data access via a single, secure link

Enhances customer service

If salespeople already know what the customer needs when making a visit or a phone call, they can use their time to give advice and identify new needs, and can strengthen and expand the relationship instead of just dealing with the business of the day.

In marketing, too, the system enables service offers to be optimized by better typicifation of customers.

Optimizes transport costs

What are the costs of express deliveries and half-empty transports? As oil prices rise and road tolls and other traffic-related charges increase, transport gets more expensive and takes up employees' time unnecessarily. With e-nventory® you always know what your customers need, so you can avoid express deliveries and optimize your trips.



All shelves are equipped with the unique DIGI SENS weighing technology that continuously records every removal and filling process.

Fachboden mit 8 Lagerplätzen á max. 4 kg MessbereichShelf with 8 storage spaces each with
a max. 4 kg measuring range



Fachboden mit 6 Lagerplätzen á max. 4 kg MessbereichShelf with 6 storage spaces each with
a max. 4 kg measuring range



Fachboden mit 4 Lagerplätzen á max. 20 kg MessbereichShelf with 4 storage spaces each with
a max. 20 kg measuring range



Fachboden Messbereich max. 80 kgShelf measuring range
max. 80 kg



Euro-Palette Stellplatz für Euro-Palette und Gitterboxen bis 1000 KgStorage position for Euro pallets
and mesh boxes for
up to 1000 Kg





ControllerThe controller has a web-interface which lets the user configure it and display scales information. The scale configuration is downloaded from the e-nventory® server automatically. The main functionality of the device is to collect the weight of the connected scales and transmit these data to the cloud application.

The controller can be mounted on a rack with the two wall flaps. It may be delivered with a GSM modem as well.




e-nventory®.NET is a web infrastructure which ensures that

  • stocks are monitored
  • data are clearly displayed via the web
  • there are interfaces to ERP systems (M2M, SOAP/XML, EDI)

Thanks to its great flexibility, the system is ready for use at once without additional effort or expense. It can however be adjusted to your application and your corporate identity, thus becoming part of your solution.


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