The WI/ED 21 load cell allows to measure loads, weights and forces in applications such as:

  • railway scales
  • test stands
  • on-board weighing systems
  • silo level measurements
  • monitoring systems
  • pouring robots



The load cell WI is fitted to the structure to be surveyed and allows a precise and reproducible measurement of its stress changes.

Using DIGI SENS vibrating wire technology instead of the strain gauge means having a simple mechanical mounting combined with a very accurate measurement. This technology also offers an extremely high resolution and very good long term stability.

Since the WI is adapted to steel material, differential thermal expansion has no negative influence on the precision.

The frequency signal delivered by the WI is easy to transmit, immune to perturbations and can be treated directly by any processor. For processing and transmission of the signal, as well as for other more complex measuring and regulating functions, DIGI SENS offers suitable electronics and software.



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