The logistics tool for stock control and material flow management

Knowing keeps you ahead:

• Would you like to know exactly how much is in your stores?
• Are your stores spread over different locations?
• Do you wish a more advantageous system then Kanban?
• Would you like to keep ahead of the competition?

e-nventory® offers you solutions, e.g. for:

• Your own stores
• Your customers' stores
• Self-service stores and POS-solutions


About E-nventory®

e-nventory® is a product from DIGI SENS that has been supplied to help customers since the year 2000. We value a product that fulfils the most demanding requirements, whilst remaining reasonably-priced. Our development team works towards these goals every day.Today, many thousand stores locations are being equipped each month in the whole world. Our production ensures a consistent high quality and short delivery times.Contact us or visit our company website to learn more.