Application examples:

At the present time our customers use e-nventory® principally:

Relieve your customer from the worries and costs of stock control.

Offer him an e-nventory® system to store your products.

In this way you gain:

  • a lead over your competitors
  • lower logistic costs, better service
  • a closer customer relationship

Your customers also profit from:

  • lower logistic costs
  • more security with less tied up capital
  • simpler and cheaper processes



A win-win situation which also benefits the environment. CO2 emissions are reduced by less empty journeys.


Equip your stores with e-nventory® and obtain:

  • more efficiency in self-service stores by taking out/filling without scanning or booking in and out
  • more transparency in central stores and in distributed stores, with stocks that are always exact
  • more reliability, as no booking errors are cumulated

Actual stock levels help you in production, procurement and also in the accounts department. e-nventory® pays for itself very quickly, not only for C-parts, but also for A- and B-parts. You can also transmit some specific stock levels to your sub-supplier. As part of a general agreement, it allows him to better adapt his production to your requirements and you can concentrate on strategic purchasing.


DIGI SENS approves of loose components und close partnerships.

You can integrate e-nventory® components into your installations.

Applications include:

  • Printing presses
  • Telemetry and monitoring installations
  • Catering and restaurant equipment
  • Picking-solutions