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i.cupboard dispensing system

The i.cupboard registers withdrawals or returns of material and can allocate them to a person without any doubt. Employees with an RF ID badge have access. The i.cupboard uses scales to continuously determine the stock levels of all bins and sends them to a cloud server. The i.cupboard is equally suitable for distributed warehouses and consignment stock. The system collects the stock levels fully automatically and informs about each individual material withdrawal with time, number of articles and consumers.

i.cupboard dispensing system
i.cupboard dispensing system

Key features

  • Fully automatic cabinet

  • No more check-in and check-out operations, withdrawals and returns are automatically registered

  • Automatic inventory at any time

  • Available 24/7/365

  • Access can be restricted to individual employees

  • No loss of productivity or delays due to missing parts, i.cupboard triggers automatic orders when required

  • Articles can be easily removed and refilled

  • Consignment stock (VMI) can be implemented at your partners

  • Compatible with shelves of the e-nventory┬« product line


Distribution cabinet for industrial warehouse management as well as in the food sector or in hospitals, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), kiosk, sales promotion



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