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Duett / Quartett load cells 8Kg

The Duett load cells with 2 scales or the Quartett load cells with 4 scales are single scales which are directly derived from the widely used DIGI SENS WF shelves. With a nominal weight of 8Kg each, they can be easily integrated into a sheet metal construction by means of a snap-on mechanism. The extremely flat design allows the scales to be integrated into machines or cabinets with narrow constructional conditions.

Duett / Quartett load cells 8Kg
Duett / Quartett load cells 8Kg

Key features

  • Digital load cell technology

  • 2 (Duett) or 4 (Quartett) integrated scales for optimizing the stock

  • designed for use in industrial environments

  • High resolution of up to 1g

  • Very good long-term stability


e-nventory® logistics solutions for industrial warehouse management as well as in the food sector or in hospitals.

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