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Tilt cell type BJ

The BJ tilt cell measures the inclination to the gravity by means of two differential capacitors made of silicon and is designed for use with a DIGI SENS processing computer. Based on the measured inclinations, the compensation of the weight values determined by the load cells are possible. The data for characterizing the tilt cell are stored in a built-in memory element. This means that there is no need for any adjustment work when the tilt cell is installed or replaced.

Tilt cell BJ
Tilt cell BJ

Key features

  • Robust load cell for use on vehicles

  • Legal for trade, tested according to OIML R60

  • Two axes, separate rotation around X and Y axis

  • Robust and shockproof

  • Great signal stability

  • IP 68 protection class

  • Integrated calibration memory


Onboard weighing system for trucks, mobile scales, trailer mounted scales

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