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Technology of the oscillating wire

DIGI SENS has a unique technology for measuring forces and weights, which takes advantage of the natural oscillation of a wire. Analogous to a guitar the wire is excited to oscillate and changes its frequency depending on the tension of the wire.

This unique technology is both the core and the heart of DIGI SENS and is characterized by the following extraordinary features compared to other technologies:



    The oscillation wire requires only a few microns of deformation for a reliable measurement. Its resolution limit is in the nanometer range.



    The output signal of the sensors is a digital TTL signal which corresponds to the frequency of the natural oscillation of the sensor. This signal can be read and processed directly by a microcontroller so no further electronics are required for evaluation.



    The DIGI SENS sensors are characterized by an integrated intrinsic safety, because the sensors use the natural oscillation of a wire as signal generation. In case of defective sensors or broken cables the frequency is no longer visible and can be detected by the control electronics.



    The natural vibration of a wire is characterized by low energy absorption. In the case of the sensor, this is characterized by a low current consumption.



    DIGI SENS sensors have a large frequency band so that even the smallest changes can be measured. Compared to other technologies, the oscillation wire allows a signal yield up to a factor of 5 higher.



    Digital frequency modulation has great advantages over analog measurements in data transmission against external interference. This results in a better quality signal which is independent of cable connections.



    The oscillating wire technology is a native digital sensor, i.e. it does not require the conversion of an analog signal into a digital one, making the sensor more accurate for all applications.



    The parts of the DIGI SENS sensors that are important for the measuring accuracy are exclusively metallic or crystalline. In particular, no adhesives are used which change constantly over time due to aging. This is what makes the unique long-term stability of the DIGI SENS sensors stand out.


Simulation of a oscillating wire sensor

Simulation of a oscillating wire sensor

Production of sensors

Production of sensors

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