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SNC load cells (1'500Kg - 7'500Kg)

As market leader for dynamic weighing systems for waste collection vehicles, DIGI SENS is continuously expanding its range with new products. The latest development is the SNC load cell product family with a load of up to 1500 kg and a version for up to 7500 kg.

These two new load cells were developed for non-certified applications for statistical analysis and offer a very attractive alternative compared to certified load cells. The SNC 1500Kg and 7500Kg load cells complement the already wide range of load cells for certified DIGI SENS systems and introduce various technical improvements, while maintaining the proven technology of the oscillating wire.

SNC load cell 1500Kg
SNC load cell 1500Kg

Key features

  • Digital load cell technology

  • Robust load cell for use on vehicles

  • Versions in 1500Kg and 7500Kg

  • High accuracy and interference immunity

  • Small lateral sensitivity

  • IP68 protection class

  • Compatible with SO load cells

  • Integrated calibration memory


Onboard weighing systems, platform scales, container scales, lifting platform scales, mixer scales, flow-through scales, lifter scales for waste collection vehicles, forklift scales

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