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Load cell type SA (10'000KG)

As market leader for weighing systems for waste collection vehicles, DIGI SENS has a range of products for a variety of applications.

The load cells of the type ED21/SA 10'000Kg have been specially designed for use on trucks and, in combination with a weighing computer, permit legal-for-trade onboard weighing.

Load cell type SA (10'000KG)
Load cell type SA (10'000KG)

Key features

  • Digital load cell technology

  • Legal for trade, tested according to OIML R60

  • Robust load cell for use on vehicles

  • High overload protection

  • High accuracy and interference immunity

  • Insensitive to lateral forces

  • IP68 protection class

  • Integrated calibration memory


Onboard weighing systems, platform scales, container scales, lifting platform scales, mixer scales, flow-through scales, lifter scales for waste collection vehicles, forklift scales

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