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e-nventory® 4.0 Controller

The e-nventory® 4.0 Controller is the central unit for logistics applications. The main function of the device is to record the weight of the connected shelf scales and to transmit this data to a server. The controller has a web interface that allows the user to display the information concerning the scales.

e-nventory® 4.0 Controller
e-nventory® 4.0 Controller

Key features

  • e-nventory® 4.0 controller with 4 LOWA connections

  • Up to 10'000 scales can be controlled via the controller

  • Power supply for up to 100 scales

  • Version with LAN or GSM modem available

  • Configuration via web interface


e-nventory® 4.0 logistics solutions for industrial stock management as well as in the food sector or in hospitals.

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