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Acceleration cell type BB

The BB Acceleration Cell measures the acceleration by means of a differential silicon capacitor, where the deflection of the middle capacitor plate is measured. It was developed especially for dynamic weighing.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the robustness of the sensor and its solid stainless-steel housing, it can be mounted close to the center of gravity of the object to be weighed and thus measure its acceleration accurately.

Acceleration cell BB
Acceleration cell BB

Key features

  • Robust load cell for use on vehicles

  • Legal for trade, tested according to OIML R60

  • Inox housing, extremely robust

  • High accuracy and signal stability

  • Overload resistant up to 2000g acceleration

  • IP68 protection class

  • Integrated calibration memory


Dynamic weighing, container scales, lifting platform scales, lifter scales for waste collection vehicles, robot arms with integrated weighing system

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