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Processing computer

ELEIRO weighing computer

The ELEIRO weighing computer is used for the evaluation and further processing of the measured data from DIGI SENS transducers. It is especially designed for applications where the load cell signals have to be linked in real time, often by using complex algorithms. The ELEIRO calculator has an OIML certificate and is therefore predestined for certified weighing applications.



The ELEIRO Touch is the user terminal for the ELEIRO weighing computer. The touch screen provides easy and intuitive access to the complete user menu of the ELEIRO. The display shows the measurement results and the operating modes.



The CAN-MUX is a universally applicable measuring module, which provides up to 4 inputs for DIGI SENS load cells. The measured weight values are transmitted on the CAN-Bus for further processing. The CAN-MUX was designed for indoor and outdoor applications.