DIGI SENS measuring systems are also incorporated into lifts and guarantee maximum capacity and security by precise weight measurement. They recognise overload whenever the sensors reach the weight limit and avoid unnecessary stopping. The sensors also ensure that the lift always stops exactly at the right place, so that there is no step when leaving the lift.

                                 Lift with DIGI SENS sensor

This system is based on an indirect load measurement via structural deformation, which has the advantage that it is easy to install. The lift does not need a load cell or associated double steel frame as with conventional measuring techniques, saving weight and cost, and the digital output signal can be processed directly.

Strain Monitor KL66

As in all DIGI SENS transducers, an oscillatingwire sensor is used to convert the force/load into an electrical signal. This patented element is able to deliver a signal that can be directly processed by a computer. This product is used to monitor the stress on any kind of structure such as bridges, cranes, machines, tanks, overload protection for lifts, platforms, robots, vehicles, etc.

The Strain Monitor KL 66 is incorporated into the structure to be monitored and allows a precise and repeatable measurement of stress changes. Using DIGI SENS oscillating-wire technology instead of strain gauges means a simple mechanical mounting combined with a very accurate measurement. This technology also offers an extremely high resolution. Deformations of fractions of μm can be measured. Since the KL 66 is adapted to the material of the structure, differential thermal expansion does not affect the precision. The DIGI SENS technology is also ensures very good long-term stability. Since no organic material is involved in the measurement chain, creeping or other influences are reduced to a minimum.

The KL 66 delivers a 5 V TTL frequency signal, proportional to the displacement measured. The frequency is a square root function and in most applications it can be considered linear. This frequency signal is easy to transmit, immune to interference and can be handled directly by any processor. The Strain Monitor KL 66 is delivered with all fixing parts needed. This allows a simple mounting on the desired structure. No special tooling is needed. No surface conditioning, no glues drying in clean room conditions and no maintenance are required. Just tighten the screw and you are ready to measure.

For more details read our data sheet: S18E_12_KL66.pdf 






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